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School/Group Visits

Give your pupils an unforgettable experience at Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre
Whether they are flying falconry birds, stroking friendly foxes, getting acquainted with snakes, hunting for sea creatures in rock pools at nearby Portreath beach, or just enjoying lunch in the picnic area; pupils will be mentally and physically engaged and educated during their visit. Guided by a passionate and enthusiastic wildlife and conservation experts throughout, a trip to Feadon Farm at Gwel an Mor is guaranteed to be a fun, safe and memorable way for students to learn all about the natural world and man’s impact on the environment.
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Meet the Animals

Join your students for a walk on the wild side. Meet the goats, chickens and reindeer. Take a stroll in the woods and then fly all the birds of prey and meet our foxes
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Rock Pooling & Seashore Adventure

Encourage your pupils to dive into nature as they spot hermit crabs, starfish and sea hares; and maybe even a seal or dolphin.
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Wildlife Experience

Like our ‘Meet the Animals’ experience, but for older children. Explore the woods and fields around the farm and learn about native wildlife. Return to the farm to fly the birds of prey and meet the foxes.
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Nocturnal Knowledge

Learn about the differences between nocturnal an diurnal animals. Meet the owls, birds of prey, foxes and others at the farm to delve into wildlife
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Health & Safety

At Gwel an Mor we know that safety is of paramount importance

During your visit our wildlife and conservation expert will assist, supervise and guide you and your pupils every step of the way; making your trip fun, educational and safe.

Each activity at Gwel an Mor begins with an explanation of the behaviour that is expected from students while on site and handling wildlife, in order for them to stay safe and not frighten the animals.

Risk assessments for each Gwel an Mor experience can be easily downloaded in PDF format from this website, and can be adapted for your group’s individual needs. If you wish to carry out your own risk assessments a prior group leader visit can be arranged.

Hand washing facilities and hand sanitising gels are available, and toilet facilities are just a few yards away from the farm.

Sustainability &
the Environment

At Feadon Farm, Gwel an Mor, we are passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment.

That’s why we carry out recycling, energy conservation and community support to promote the wellbeing of the natural world and the responsible use of resources.

We also believe that the most powerful sustainable action we can take is to engage young people with the fantastic array of wildlife all around them; giving them the opportunity to learn about man’s impact on the environment, and thus encouraging awareness and change.

In order to achieve this we ensure that our activities are as imaginative and innovative as possible, with the aim of bringing the natural world to life in young people’s minds.

Feadon Farm is a supporter of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, holder of a David Bellamy gold conservation award and part of the Green Tourism Business Scheme.

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