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Gary visits our three gorgeous adult foxes

This video was shot by Gwel an Mor wildlife ranger Gary Zammit in late June 2014 on one of his days off. He goes to pay a visit to our three rescued adult foxes, Copper, Todd and Meadow who give him a royal welcome, especially Meadow!

Stoats Martha and Muffin move in to their new enclosure

Our Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre has recently gained a pair of very cute stoats, Martha and Muffin. Here they are settling into their new enclosure, under the watchful eye of Barney the Farm dog!

Sly the Barn Owl takes flight in our Events Barn

Here’s our wildlife ranger Gary Zammit helping our Feadon Farm Barn Owl Sly to practice his fly-by in our Events Barn, filmed after our Wedding Showcase in September 2014.

The Fox and the Hound

This cute couple are the real life version of the Disney classic The Fox and the Hound. The fox was found abandoned and malnourished at just four weeks old and was missing his tail, inspiring vets to name him Forest Stump. He was taken care of by Gary Zammit our Feadon Farm Ranger and the baby fox quickly established a friendship with his dog, Barney, who’s also missing most of his tail!

Captured on Video

We have rescued a fox cub, named Copper, that became separated from its mother and suffering from exhaustion. We had taken it to our Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre to receive treatment, but instead it made friends with our manager’s one-year-old pet dog, Jack.

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