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Thought I’d take the opportunity, over the next few weeks, to tell everyone a little about some of the activities we run and after a very successful Badger watch last night and some great pictures being sent in this morning by Suezan Elliot, I thought the ‘Badger Watch’ would be a good activity to start with. Here at Feadon we have a purpose built hide where our visitors can sit in comfort, drink hot chocolate and eat Brownie while waiting for the Badgers to appear. The Badger in the photo is ‘Beyonce’, named because of her amble booty! We usually see several different Badgers during a watch and we have footage running on a screen of the previous nights activities which is always interesting. A little peanut butter smeared on the glass of the hide encourages the Badgers to come up to the window, which as you can see worked well last night. We normally run one ‘Badger Watch’ per week for a maximum of 12 people so booking is essential.



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