Our wildlife activities are one of the many things that really sets Gwel an Mor apart from other holiday lodge resorts - nowhere offers anything quite like this! There are a great choice of wildlife activities on offer; including our Wildlife Experience, Meet the Animals, Badger Watch, Falconry, Night Walks and Rock Pooling.

Wildlife Experience

Join our Wildlife Ranger for the Adventure of a woodland safari, where you will meet some of the local wildlife, before meeting our rescued foxes, Todd, Copper and Meadow. You can even fly Chunks, our Eagle Owl. We have all sorts of rescued wildlife coming in so who knows what other wonderful creatures you might meet!


Feed the Animals

Tailored for younger children, this experience gives little ones the chance to meet and greet some of our friendly residents at the farm. Our reindeer brothers welcome lots of
attention, our foxes love to be hand fed and many other animals are here waiting to meet them and get lots of cuddles. You can also fly Sly, our resident Barn Owl.


Rock Pooling

Enjoy this classic seaside pastime, rock pooling is always fun but our ranger adds a new dimension. Get a new perspective on Hermit Crabs, Starfish and Sea Hares and whatever else turns up on the day - you might even see a seal - and if you are lucky, catch a glimpse of a dolphin.


Meet Harry the Harris Hawk and Sly the Barn Owl as well as other beautiful birds of prey. You will learn about the history of falconry and the equipment used and after a demostration, you’ll have a chance to fly the birds yourself.


Night Walk

This is one of the very best wildlife activities. So much wildlife comes alive only at night. A night lamp and a little expert know how reveals this hidden and magical world. We will look for badgers, owls, deer and foxes close to the holiday lodges. You will even have the chance to meet our own owls, foxes and other rescued wildlife.


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Sustainability & The Environment
At Feadon Farm we are passionate about sustainability and the environment. We carry out recycling, energy conservation and community support, and believe that offering engaging wildlife activities for young people creates an awareness of man’s impact on the environment, thus encouraging change. We support the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and hold a David Bellamy Conservation Award.
More about sustainability at Feadon Farm...