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Meet the Animals

Join your students for a walk on the wild side, encountering frogs, insects, birds, squirrels and reptiles; and even hand-feeding foxes.

The wildlife safari starts with a visit to Gwel an Mor’s pond for a ‘pond dipping experience. Students then use their guide sheets to identify the creatures they find; from frogs and toads to an array of fascinating insects.

Pupils will then enjoy a woodland walk, guided by a wildlife and conservation expert. They will spot signs of animal life such as paw prints, trails and food; identify native birds and look out for the reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, plants and invertebrates who make this grassland habitat their home. Remind them to keep their eyes peeled for the famous Gwel an Mor reindeer!

Back at Feadon Farm, Sly the barn owl will fly to each of the children, offering a rare chance for them to witness this magnificient bird’s silent, graceful flight. They will meet all of our beautiful birds of prey.

Finally, students will have the opportunity to meet some of Feadon Farm’s residents. Squirrels Basil, Sasha and Manuel are always keen to meet visitors and foxes Tod, Copper, Meadow and FrankĀ are even more keen to be hand-fed. Finally, for those brave enough, Chewy the grass snake will demonstrate just how friendly snakes can be.

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