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Beyonce, who was a regular visitor to Feadon Farm last year, but who had not been seen since before Christmas, is back! Beyonce regularly roamed the farm and came into our garden in the wee small hours but we had not seen her for months and we feared the worse, we left the light on every night and put food out but we saw nothing and then this week she returned and we can only put it down to one thing… last year we were feeding the birds in our garden sunflower hearts this year, being a little tight, we have been giving them peanuts but last week we thought we’d give them a treat and we filled their feeders with sunflower hearts once more…. and low and behold that night we heard a familiar grunting Beyonce was back she’s obviously a classy lady…. not just any old badger food will do only the best for a¬†Gwel an Mor badger!