Aug 1, 2011

The Gwelanmor Goats

We have 4 new arrivals at the farm this week, Nico, Claire, Kate and Jenny.









Nico, Claire, Kate and Jenny are our new pygmy goats. They arrived last Monday and are settling in well.They all have really different personalities, Nico is stroppy and not at all keen an being led on a lead however he does not like it on his own so when the girls a led away he soon gives in and follows, stropping all the way! Claire is the mum figure all the others follow her lead she is also the bravest, she was the fist to feed out of our hands. Kate is the loudest, bleating all the time but she also likes to be stroked and she's very gentle and then there's little Jenny who's so sweet and has a very funny cute little bleat. We hope to make a new enclosure for them, in the next few weeks, by the path so people can stroke them while on the walk down to the beach.

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